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In spring, everything is reviving, and the sun is once again getting closer to us. The continuous spring rain is nourishing the earth again. "After the end of winter, spring can be expected" is the strongest hope of the whole country at this moment. However, spring is a season of love and hate for the skin, especially for sensitive skin fairies, who are prone to skin sensitivity problems, such as the following skin problems


Dry itching and peeling


Scorching pain


Red and damaged, so pay special attention to skin repair in spring. In addition to the national trend of returning to work, many young friends are also gradually on the road of seeking dreams. They don't want to take a lot of bottles and cans when they go out, so this newly launched rescue spray must be a must for your travel!


5s repair, scientifically soothing

With a gentle spray from the high-pressure massage nozzle, millions of atomized water molecules are evenly sprayed on the face, feeling that tens of thousands of moisturizing repair factors have penetrated into the cells at once, establishing a strong skin barrier and immediately alleviating the sensitive and damaged skin problems in spring.


Biological ingredients, soothe skin emotions

Oligopeptide-1, oligopeptide-2, peony root extract, and purslane extract coagulate as the strongest repair force, reducing the sensitivity or allergies caused by the external environment to the skin, such as burning, stinging, itching, and tingling


Oligopeptide-1, super repair, rapid healing, - "universal repair factor"


Peony root extract has excellent anti allergic effect, calms sensitive symptoms, and inhibits Contact dermatitis—— Sensitive Savior


Portulaca oleracea extract, anti-inflammatory and calming, soothes sensitive skin, moisturizes skin, and alleviates sensitive symptoms such as tightness and pain—— Anti-inflammatory and sedative

0 additives, naturally mild

The formula has a simple structure, comprehensive efficacy, and no messy additives. It adopts medical grade purification and low-temperature extraction process to remove all impurities, meeting the physiological needs of the skin, and is very friendly to sensitive muscles.


Antibiotics, products containing antibiotics will cause skin allergy and fester, so no antibiotics are added in the spray, just for the purest protection of the skin!


0 Preservatives, spray formulators pay attention to safety, ensure that the product is free of any irritation when used, and refuse to add preservatives that cause side effects on the skin!


0 hormones, skin care products added with hormones will make skin inflammation more serious. Save spray promises never to add hormones that harm skin!

Versatile single item, universal healing

One bottle solves all skin problems, and nano mist is specialized in combating the problems of itching, redness, swelling, dehydration, pain, and peeling of sensitive dry muscles.


Form a skin protective layer on the surface of the skin, while providing ample moisture coverage to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and refreshing.


Hospital user feedback and strength recommendation


It's very soothing. I'm a typical dry skin sensitive muscle. Now this spray is placed in the office and at home and sprayed at any time to soothe and moisturize the skin, which is convenient and comfortable. The spray is very gentle and delicate. The oligopeptide repair spray has a great moisturizing effect. What I love most is its spray head. I feel such a delicate spray for the first time! It is easier to use than other spray products on the market, and will continue to use!


The repairing and calming effect is very good. My face turns red and has acne in the new season. In the past, I can only calm down with ordinary make-up water. Now, I use oligopeptide repair spray to relieve the pain. Spray it at any time during the day and wet it with Cotton pad at night. The calming, sensitive and moisturizing effect is particularly good~


Natural healing of sensitive muscles, this spray is really a blessing for sensitive muscles! The ingredients are minimal and do not contain preservatives or alcohol! After using it for three consecutive days, the red blood on my face has disappeared, and even my acne is much less!

With this Roqi classic, bio composite repair spray, you no longer need to worry about seasonal skin troubles. In fact, no matter when, skin care should be the top priority, so as to maintain healthy and shiny skin. Do you think it is reasonable?

Physical display of biological composite repair spray


Committed to professional medical skin care products
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