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In order to implement the newly issued Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations), strengthen the management of cosmetics registration and filing, protect the health rights and interests of consumers, standardize and promote the healthy development of the cosmetics industry, the Measures for the Administration of Cosmetics Registration and Filing (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) were reviewed and adopted at the 14th executive meeting of the State Administration for Market Regulation in 2020, Effective from May 1, 2021

The "Measures" highlight problem orientation, refine the principles and systems determined by the "Regulations", strictly review and record management, and strengthen risk control; Deepen the reform of "streamlining management and serving", encourage innovation in research and development enterprises, optimize registration and filing procedures, and implement the main responsibilities and regulatory responsibilities of all parties. There are a total of 6 chapters and 63 articles, including:

Firstly, refine the management system for registrants and recorders, and strengthen the implementation of corporate entity responsibilities According to the relevant regulations on registrants and registrants in the Regulations, we will refine and implement the responsibilities, obligations, and admission conditions of registrants and registrants for cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredients, and strengthen the supervision of product liability sources. The establishment of a new raw material safety monitoring system has refined the safety monitoring obligations that new raw material registrants, registrants, and cosmetics registrants and registrants should fulfill

The second is to optimize the registration and filing management procedures, and implement the reform measures of the approval system On the basis of summarizing the effectiveness of the reform measures implemented in the early stage, such as the approval and filing of imported non-special purpose cosmetics and the renewal of the notification and commitment system for special purpose cosmetics, and in accordance with the spirit of the "streamlining management and serving" reform and the relevant provisions of the Regulations, the registration and filing management procedures have been further clarified and optimized

The third is to strengthen supervision and management after filing to ensure that product quality and safety responsibilities are fully implemented Clarify the implementation of supervision and management responsibilities and work requirements after filing, and increase the punishment for illegal and irregular behaviors of registered products; Implement graded management of registered products and reasonably allocate regulatory resources

The fourth is to establish a mechanism to encourage innovation and serve the high-quality development of the industry Deepen the implementation of the relevant provisions of the Regulations on encouraging innovative development, clarify that new raw materials in safety monitoring can only be used for cosmetics production with the consent of the new raw material registrant and registrant, and protect the enthusiasm of new raw material research and development enterprises; Strengthen the informatization construction of registration and filing, build a multi-functional information service platform, improve the efficiency of registration and filing work, accelerate the speed of product launch, and promote the steady improvement of the high-quality development level of the cosmetics industry

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