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Haruki Murakami said, "I always thought people grow old slowly, but in fact, they don't. People grow old in an instant

For independent modern women, the biggest fear is not the lack of men's love, but the hard work and hard work, but the premature onset of aging on themselves


Some girls, even though they are in their early twenties, always look like they have not aged yet. Collagen on their faces rapidly loses at a rate of 1% every year, and their skin is dull, discolored, and loose


All causes of aging come from the loss of collagen

Dr. Brandt, the Father of Collagen in the World


As shown in the above picture: Women reach the critical point of their skin at the age of 25, and collagen is rapidly lost, even if they chew 100 pig trotters every day


It also cannot alleviate aging. 72% of the skin is collagen, and 80% is in the dermis. Does collagen only provide support and wrinkle resistance in our skin?, No! The powerful effect of collagen far exceeds our daily cognition. Please refer to the picture ↓↓


Collagen forms a fine elastic net that acts as a barrier to protect our skin, thereby providing anti wrinkle, moisturizing, brightening, tightening, nourishing, and repairing effects.


Roqi new water micro products are coming

Since its establishment in 2012, ROQI has invested heavily in research on the application of collagen in the repair of problematic skin, and has achieved a series of results. From 2019 to 2020, relying on the scientific research strength of the NAQI Product Research Center in Belgium, Gaojin Company, with the joint efforts of Chinese and foreign scientists, officially launched theRRoqi · RuoChu Collagen Water Micro Repair Series, aiming to more intuitively and systematically solve various skin problems


Ruochu the Jianshui Micro Series set currently includes a cleansing and beautifying skin repair set, an oil control and acne removal repair set, a flat muscle tightening repair set, and a soothing repair set, targeting four major skin problems: pigmentation, acne, acne pits, and sensitive areas. Since its listing for six months, it has been highly trusted by hospitals and end consumers.


— Clean and beautiful skin repair set —


— Oil Control and Acne Cleansing Repair Set —


— Flat muscle tightening repair set —


— Soothing and Repairing Set —


— Soothing and Repairing Moisturizing Lyophilized Powder —


— Mechanical Crystal facial mask —

Recombinant Human Collagen Science Popularization

Roqi the water micro repair series is based on microneedle therapy, and the patented soluble collagen (recombinant human collagen, patent number ZL201510535383.7) is added to the entire series. The microneedle product fused with recombinant human collagen protein has four major advantages: fast efficacy, easy repair, multiple effects, and long-lasting effect, and belongs to the third generation of collagen water micro products.

Firstly、Production of Recombinant Human Collagen

Collagen is widely used in skincare products, but traditional methods of extracting collagen have many problems and hidden dangers.



Secondly、What is recombinant human collagen protein

Recombinant human collagen is a kind of water-soluble macromolecular biological collagen obtained by Genetic recombination and bioengineering technology. Its gene sequence is designed based on the gene sequence of collagen in the human body, thus possessing the characteristics and functions of human collagen

Thirdly. Characteristics of Recombinant Human Collagen Protein



Fourth、Differences between Recombinant Human Collagen and Traditional Animal Collagen


Compared to traditional animal collagen, recombinant human collagen has obvious advantages. It not only has no odor, but also has a molecular weight close to natural, good water solubility, and importantly, it has higher safety and better transdermal absorption. It has a very prominent effect in repairing damage and sunburn, as well as anti-aging and wrinkle removal.

fifth、Clinical trial of recombinant human collagen protein

➢Safety evaluation experiment:


| Safety evaluation test completed by the "NAQI Product Development Center"

➢Repair effect experiment:


➢Wrinkle removing effect experiment:


➢Moisturizing effect experiment:



Recombinant human collagen is a non animal derived, highly active collagen with affinity, strong water solubility, high biological activity, and high percutaneous absorption rate. By using its reticular polymer structure and hydrophilic properties, it can effectively supplement collagen in dermal defects, fill and repair skin barriers, repair damaged Elastic fiber in the skin, promote tissue and cell regeneration, and shield foreign harmful substances, To alleviate various problematic skin conditions such as moderate to severe acne symptoms, and truly achieve deep skin barrier repair.

Partial case presentation


8 days after surgery in the roqi control oil cleansing and acne repair set group


13 days after surgery in the roqi control oil cleansing and acne repair set group


19 days after surgery in the roqi muscle tightness repair set group


15 days after surgery in the roqi cleansing and skincare repair set group


18 days after surgery in the roqi soothing repair set group

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