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When the Sebaceous gland secretes too much oil and cannot leave the hair follicle mouth, forming acne. When acne infects Cutibacterium acnes, the skin will start a series of inflammatory reactions, and acne will become pimples (inflammatory papules), even pustules, cysts, and nodules.


During inflammatory reactions, the skin experiences:

Inflammatory factors occupy the skin → white blood cells go on the stage to "kill the enemy", Telangiectasia provides nutrients and oxygen for the battlefield → some skin cells die in battle → new cells replace dead cells

At this point, if the process of replacing old cells with new cells is not completed due to improper skincare behavior (pimples that have not completed all inflammatory reactions due to picking, squeezing, or needle cleaning) or skin texture reasons (scar skin), the repair of the damaged skin will be suspended, and the loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis will leave unsightly pits


How can acne be repaired by applying skincare products? It's useless

In the later stage of inflammation, the skin's ability to repair is at its best. After this time, it is very difficult and slow to expect the skin to grow collagen and elastin on its own, especially when fresh acne pits gradually turn into old ones, and the skin's repair process basically stops


When we have acne, we should first treat it and nip the acne pits and marks in the cradle

When a pimple meets a microneedle

Micro acupuncture is a mature and effective treatment for pockmarks. Using the positioning needle and the "point-to-point" ultra micro penetration technology, it can stimulate the skin and make a large number of fine pipes, so that the active ingredients can be positioned, layered and quantified to directly deliver the Active ingredient to the needed skin tissues, and effectively infiltrate various nutrients and active ingredients into the skin, so that the skin tissues can quickly absorb and play a role, Stimulate the regeneration of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis, achieving the effects of filling cavities and reducing acne pigmentation


Therefore, microneedles can be operated with different efficacy formulas based on individual needs, allowing the skin to regenerate from the inside out and thoroughly improve the quality of problematic skin.


Three major advantages of microneedles

Non invasive and traceless: The skin contact point is one thousandth of the thickness of the hair, 100 times smaller than the skin gap, with a diameter of only 100 nanometers, painless and non-invasive, without damaging the dermis

Precision and precision: Adopting high-purity single crystal silicon wafers, the chip array promotes the uniform penetration of drug effects into every inch of the skin, achieving beauty effects

High speed and fast effect: Quickly open skin pores in 3 seconds, complete the entire facial care in 15 minutes, and the channel automatically closes after 20 minutes


Micro needle effect ① Whitening and cleansing

The effect is very obvious for beauty seekers with dark yellow, rough, lack of luster, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation. Microneedles deeply decompose and metabolize melanin, comprehensively fade and whiten the skin

② Remove acne and cavities

Promote collagen synthesis, regenerate fibrous tissue, so as to achieve the reconstruction of deep Reticular fiber structure, smooth acne cavities, and restore smooth and delicate skin

③ Clear and shrink pores

Make the skin "hairy and open", with ultra-fine penetration to quickly clean and whiten the skin, while effectively tightening and lifting, and shrinking pores

Flat muscle tightening repair set

Roqi flat muscle tightening repair set is a new product in the roqi ruochi water micro series, which is based on the third-generation collagen freeze-dried powder and is developed with peptide skincare application technology at the NAQI product research center in belgium as the core.

Compared to the first and second generation microneedles, clinical cases have shown that the overall effect of the third generation collagen microneedles has been significantly improved

Exogenous supplement patent ingredient recombinant human collagen, activate skin cells to repair themselves, use the compounded recombinant human collagen, oligopeptide and copper peptide to repair the broken Elastic fiber and Reticular fiber of the skin, thus smoothing the pockmarks, shrinking pores, and making the skin look younger and more delicate as a whole


Set includes (7 pieces/set)

① Flat muscle tightening lyophilized powder 100mg, flat muscle tightening solution 2.5ml, Hyaluronic acid stock solution 2.5ml

Main ingredients: soluble collagen, oligopeptide-3, hydrolyzed plant protein

Main function: High purity oligopeptide-3+soluble collagen+plant protein, infiltrated into the bottom layer of the skin through microneedle therapy to supplement essential nutrients, rejuvenate, repair, anti wrinkle, and tighten



②Flat muscle repair freeze-dried powder 2.5ml, flat muscle repair solution 5ml

Main ingredients: soluble collagen, oligopeptide-3, oligopeptide-1, blue copper peptide

Main functions: exogenous supplement of hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed Elastin, promote metabolism of new and old skin cells, oligopeptide-1 Oligopeptide-3 synergistically helps to smooth out acne pits and cavities naturally


③Soothing repair spray 10ml

Main ingredients: oligopeptide-1, hyaluronic acid

Main function: Quickly replenish water after surgery, further improve the postoperative repair effect, and shorten the postoperative repair cycle

④Shuying Repair essence 10ml

Main ingredients: Dendrobium candidum, lactobacillus fermentation, Betaine

Main functions: nourish and repair essence, regulate skin environment, improve skin microcirculation, and help repair damaged skin barrier


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