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Whitening is a lifelong topic for women. Have you ever noticed that in winter, the skin becomes even whiter when covered, and in summer, when exposed, it immediately turns black, and even the color of the spots becomes heavier

The reason for this is that the skin is dull, spots are formed, and the culprits are all melanin. When the skin is stimulated by external factors (ultraviolet, visible light, haze, physical and chemical factors, etc.), in order to avoid damage, inflammation, and even canceration of skin cells, Melanocyte will work overtime to secrete more melanin to protect the skin

Melanocyte is a poor cell in the skin. Although it always works tirelessly and diligently for the health of its skin, no fairy will buy it because it is truly the first obstacle to our whitening and beauty


But without melanin, it's absolutely impossible. Moreover, the skin without the protection of melanin is very easy to suffer from inflammation and pathological changes, that is, the white spot caused by simple melanin Depigmentation is also very ugly and difficult to cure

So, whitening and lightening spots is not about cutting off melanin with one knife. What we need to do is not to put too much pressure on Melanocyte, let them rest (sleep) more, and reduce the production of melanin


Weakening productivity and inhibiting Tyrosinase activity; Eliminate free radicals and reduce the tendency of melanin

In the process of melanin formation, several key steps are inseparable from the participation of Tyrosinase. Therefore, inhibiting the activity of Tyrosinase will significantly weaken the productivity of Melanocyte and reduce the formation of melanin

Similarly, when free radicals increase and become active, melanin also takes the lead in stabilizing them, sacrificing itself to preserve the health of other cells. So, clearing free radicals is also an important target for whitening


At this point, I believe you have clearly understood that inhibiting the activity of Tyrosinase and eliminating free radicals can reduce the tendency of melanin, so when choosing skin care, two points should be paid attention to: first, protect the skin from external ultraviolet rays, visible light, haze, physicochemical factors and other factors causing skin darkening; Secondly, it is necessary to do a good job of anti oxygen and moisturizing, and eliminate free radicals.


The first step we can achieve is through physical and chemical means such as sunscreen and sunshade umbrellas; For the second step, the transdermal absorption principle of microneedle therapy directly introduces nutrients, which has obvious advantages.

Roqi clean and beautiful skin repair set

Roqi Cleansing and Beautifying Skin Repair Set is a brand new third-generation collagen microneedle, belonging to the whitening and repair product of the Ruochi microneedle series。


* Roqi clean and beautiful skin repair set *

The addition of patented soluble collagen (i.e. recombinant human collagen protein, patent number: ZL201510535383.7) can achieve more than twice the effectiveness in overall melatonin repair and postoperative recovery compared to ordinary microneedles.


* Six Advantages of Recombinant Human Collagen Protein *

Compared with the traditional whitening method, Ruoqing collagen microneedle adopts the compound whitening and freckle removing method to inhibit the production of melanin by reducing the binding expression of receptors on the surface of melanocytes through the superposition of five bright white essences. It can affect the activity of melanocytes from five links of inhibition - blocking - interference - reduction - metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of whitening, removing yellow and lightening spots

01. Light fruit licorice

In the root cells of Glycyrrhiza uralensis, there is a highly antioxidant skin discoloration and lightening functional component - Glycyrrhizin, which can inhibit the activity of arginase and is a non side effect and non irritating cosmetic active ingredient

02. Coagulation acid

Inhibiting the catalytic effect of proteases on peptide bond hydrolysis prevents the activity of enzymes such as inflammatory proteases, thereby inhibiting the activity of epidermal cells in the black spot area and inhibiting the aggregation of melanin, preventing the black spot from thickening, expanding, and increasing

03. Nicotinamide

The principle of Nicotinamide whitening, which can affect the melanin and interfere with the signal channel between keratinocytes, thus preventing excessive melanin

04. Lactobacillus fermentation extract

Reduce the binding expression of MC1R (receptor on the surface of melanocytes) and inhibit the production of melanin

05. Citric acid

Antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, accelerating keratin renewal, which helps to remove melanin from the skin


* Internal display of sets *

Set includes (5 pieces)

① 100mg skin cleansing powder, 2.5ml skin cleansing essence, 2.5ml Hyaluronic acid stock solution

Main ingredients: soluble collagen, clotting acid, oligopeptide-1, licorice, hydrolyzed plant protein

② Soothing repair spray 10ml

Main ingredients: oligopeptide-1, hyaluronic acid

③ Nourishing&Repairing essence 15ml

Main ingredients: clotting acid, Nicotinamide, lactobacillus fermentation extract, citric acid, and carrageenin extract


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