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As the weather gradually warms up, the golden season for selling sunscreen products is also approaching. Raising children cannot prevent aging, but sunscreen can "has become a consensus among many consumers. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the importance of sun protection. In addition to the widely recognized belief that sun protection can prevent sunburn in the past, photoaging has also become a focus of attention for young people nowadays. For the younger generation who are afraid of aging, sun protection has almost equated with anti-aging and has become an indispensable program in skincare.


Low penetration rate of sunscreen Market penetration in China The development prospects are promising

According to authoritative institutions' predictions, the global sunscreen care market will continue to grow in the future, and the global sunscreen care market size may reach 25 billion US dollars (approximately 161.6 billion yuan) by 2024. Data shows that the sun protection market in China continued to grow in 2020, with sales of sun protection products on Taobao and Tmall platforms reaching 6.72 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28%

However, despite the rapid growth of China's sunscreen market in recent years, compared to other countries with strong demand for sunscreen products, the penetration rate of sunscreen products in China is only 16%, and there is a significant gap compared to the sunscreen markets of countries such as the UK, the United States, and South Korea. Many domestic consumers have not yet realized the importance of sunscreen and have not developed the habit of using sunscreen products

Therefore, there is still great room for growth in China's sunscreen market. With the popularization of sun protection knowledge and the growth of consumer awareness of sun protection, the penetration rate of China's sun protection market will gradually increase, thereby promoting the development of China's sun protection market

Sunscreen spray has become a new favorite High power sunscreen products are popular

With the growth of the sun protection market, businesses are also constantly catering to the different needs of consumers for sun protection products, and the sun protection products in the market are becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to the common sunscreen and Sunscreen in the past, there are sunscreen sticks, sunscreen oil, sunscreen spray and other products on the market today


Among them, sunscreen is still the most popular sunscreen product among consumers, accounting for 82% of the total sales of Taobao and Tmall sunscreen products. Sunscreen spray has become the new favorite of consumers because of its convenience and quick application. It is the fastest growing sunscreen product, with a year-on-year increase of 28% in sales

In addition, consumers also have increasingly high requirements for the sun protection factor of sunscreen products. With the increase of professional knowledge in sunscreen, consumers will focus on SPF and PA values when purchasing sunscreen products. Ali Big data shows that Chinese consumers prefer high power sunscreen products, and the sales and sales of SPF50 products account for 89%. In terms of PA value, PA+++products are the most popular


New demand for skincare sunscreen More segmented markets need to be developed

In addition to the competition of sun protection factor, refreshing and non irritating are also major selling points of sun protection products. Nowadays, the skincare benefits of sunscreen products have become a new promotional point for businesses, and sunscreens containing specific skincare ingredients have become popular. Data shows that pearl is the most frequently claimed ingredient in sunscreen products, followed by pomegranate, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic acid milk, etc. Pomegranate sunscreen spray and pearl sunscreen have become popular sunscreen products among consumers


Providing skincare while sun protection has become a new demand for consumers. According to the report "Decoding the New Sun Protection Era for Chinese Consumers" released by Tmall Global and Kaidu Consumer Index, the sales of sun protection products with moisturizing and moisturizing effects are the highest, accounting for 40%, followed by whitening, oil control, and anti-aging

In "Decoding the New Sun Protection Era for Chinese Consumers", it is also mentioned that the personalized needs of segmented groups in the sun protection market are increasing, and exclusive sun protection has become a new direction for category expansion, such as infant sun protection and pregnant mother sun protection. Currently, 45% of brands have launched exclusive sun protection products for infants and young children. The main characteristics of sun protection products for pregnant mothers and infants are easy to carry, refreshing, mild and non irritating

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