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Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, was once known as the first electronic street in China. At present, most businesses here are engaged in beauty products. However, after investigation, the Shenzhen Customs Anti Smuggling Bureau found that behind the dazzling array of branded cosmetics lies a criminal chain of smuggling through cross-border e-commerce platforms

Recently, according to the unified deployment of the Anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs, the anti smuggling department of the Customs and the local police jointly launched a concentrated crackdown on groups suspected of smuggling through cross-border e-commerce platforms


CC Beauty in Huaqiangbei Mingtong Digital Mall is one of the key places for this investigation. The anti smuggling police found here that in addition to the cosmetics of international famous brands such as Estee Lauder and Lancome made in Europe and the United States, there are also many cosmetics made in Japan and South Korea, covering skin care lotion, eye shadow, lipstick, sunscreen and other varieties. In addition to the shelves filled with suspected smuggled cosmetics, there are also over 20 boxes of unopened cosmetics piled up inside the store. The owner of the store is the suspect Li, who is unable to provide legitimate receipts for these goods to the anti smuggling police. Li explained that since the beginning of 2019, the store has transformed from a mobile phone store to a beauty store, and its sources of goods are all purchased at low prices through smuggling channels from overseas. After counting, the value of the goods seized on site is approximately 2 million yuan

In Huaqiangbei, the anti smuggling police also investigated several suspected smuggling shops in Haman Digital Plaza and other shopping malls. During the operation, a large number of cosmetics and other goods suspected of smuggling were seized, 36 suspect were arrested, and 4 smuggling gangs were eliminated. Upon investigation, the criminal gang is suspected of smuggling goods worth over 600 million yuan


Yu Xiaopeng, Deputy Chief of the Investigation Department of the Shekou Branch of the Shenzhen Customs Anti Smuggling Bureau, said that these four groups have customs clearance groups and cargo owner groups. After the cargo is organized overseas, the cargo is handed over to this customs clearance group. The personal information of citizens who purchase it through illegal channels is fabricated into false orders, false payment bills, and false logistics bills, and then deceived the customs to transport the goods into China

According to relevant regulations in China, starting from January 1, 2019, the annual transaction limit for cross-border e-commerce individuals will be increased from 20000 yuan to 26000 yuan

According to the anti smuggling department of customs, smuggling gangs are trying to steal consumer information and consumption quotas for cross-border e-commerce transactions in order to smuggle

In July this year, the Shenzhen Customs Anti Smuggling Bureau received a clue regarding the use of cross-border e-commerce for smuggling. After months of investigation and investigation, the police found that there was an abnormal situation of funds on an e-commerce platform in Shenzhen

Yu Xiaopeng, Deputy Chief of the Investigation Department of the Shekou Branch of the Shenzhen Customs Anti Smuggling Bureau, stated that according to relevant regulations, for citizens on cross-border e-commerce platforms, the annual consumption limit for each person is 26000 yuan, with a single consumption of 5000 yuan


However, the e-commerce platform involved in the case has registered a large number of bank accounts as internal members and surrounding stakeholders. Then, use these accounts to pay for imported goods smuggled through e-commerce platforms. Using this bank account to make payments, each of them has significant expenses ranging from hundreds to tens of millions. He is falsely reporting goods that should have been imported in a general trade nature as imported through cross-border e-commerce

Changing the nature of trade is a typical smuggling behavior. The anti smuggling department has found that the cross-border e-commerce platform in Shenzhen has played the role of a customs clearance gang in smuggling activities. In the concentrated operation, the anti smuggling police arrested the gang leaders Li, Lin, and other personnel involved in the case

According to regulations, imported goods purchased through cross-border e-commerce platforms can only be enjoyed by citizens who provide identity information and have consumption quotas, and secondary sales are not allowed. If someone else uses their identity information to shop on cross-border e-commerce platforms, their consumption limit will be embezzled. Illegal elements using cross-border e-commerce for smuggling not only infringe on citizens' rights and disrupt domestic market order, but also affect the sustainable and healthy development of cross-border e-commerce

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