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The skin is the largest organ in the human body, responsible for protecting our body. But the skin is not as strong as we imagine, especially in winter. The external environment stimulates the skin greatly, making the skin barrier function more susceptible to damage and becoming sensitive skin. The most direct result is


Skin is fragile and sensitive, with damaged sebum film and intolerance to cosmetics; The moisturizing function decreases, the skin is prone to redness, water oil imbalance, uneven pigmentation, and in severe cases, it can also cause rash and itching.


If your skin appears1. After washing your face, your skin feels tight or dry; 2. In areas with high temperatures, the face is particularly prone to flushing; 3. The skin is always unable to lock in water, feeling thinner, etc

Your skin has entered a state of Suboptimal health. Why:




How to take scientific skincare in winter

One of the important responsibilities of the skin is to form a skin barrier, which requires precise timing and coordination. Every winter, the dry skin pressure caused by the season reaches its peak, leading to disorder. The adverse consequences of this state are the continuous accumulation of dead skin cells, the abnormal natural shedding process of the skin, and the gradual generation of layers of "dry scales", making the skin appear dull and dull, and the absorption ability of moisturizing products also decreases. Dry skin disease arises as a result

The sebum membrane is a protective membrane formed on the skin surface by the oil secreted from the Sebaceous gland, the lipid produced by the keratinocytes, the sweat secreted from the sweat glands and the exfoliated keratinocytes after low-temperature emulsification. The pH value of the sebum membrane should be maintained at 5-6 in a weakly acidic state to prevent the loss of skin moisture and nutrients, in order to maintain skin health


Stay away from irritating exfoliating products

Pay attention to moisturizing, not exfoliating. If you want to remove scaly stem cells, be sure to clean them gently and carefully. Only in this way can the moisturizing products you use reach deeper skin more quickly

Use non fragrant, non foaming cleansing products to remove dirt and grease

Avoid using overly clean cleansing products, preferably adding hyaluronic acid and oats β Glucan, Ceramide, glycerin, Nicotinamide, etc. Do not remove the "natural moisturizing factor", which is a mixture of substances naturally generated by the skin, providing barrier protection for the skin and preventing water loss

It is not advisable to wash your face with hot water that is too hot, try to use warm water

Hot water can easily excessively clean the skin's oil, causing a temperature difference of one cold to one hot from the outside, which can damage the sebum membrane, affect the skin's ability to lock in water, reduce its tolerance to external stimuli, and cause problems such as tightness, redness, and bloodshot

Use moisturizers and creams that provide more protection

Moisturizing cream and cream with repairing effect can help lock skin moisture, prevent water and nutrient loss, improve the hydration of Stratum corneum, and improve seasonal chaps and roughness

Roqi new product stability milk


Roqi brand new product Weiwen Milk

Xiao Ruo has introduced skin care products such as facial cleanser and essence to his partners before. Today, the key to share with everyone is our new product of the machine brand: wound care ointment (stability milk).


Roqi weiwen Milk is developed for damaged skin, strictly produced aseptically according to drug grade production standards, and can be used for immediate postoperative wound care. As an important member of the winter care list, it is also essential.


It is compounded with 10+active repair ingredients with high Factor of safety, such as glycerin, jojoba seed oil, Ceramide, butanediol, polypeptides, Tocopherol acetate, Sodium hyaluronate, Xanthan gum, etc. Plateau red, red blood silk, sensitive and sensitive skin can be safely used.


And the most highly praised by dermatologists is the bionic technology of its sebum membrane. Applying it to the surface of the skin can quickly form an artificial biomimetic sebum film, effectively locking in the skin's moisture and reducing water evaporation and loss. While improving the hydration of the Stratum corneum, it can effectively resist the cold north wind in winter and reduce the invasion of other external adverse factors on the skin.

The experimental data from the ROQI Product R&D Center shows that the average wound healing cycle is shortened by 47% after minimally invasive surgery with the use of stabilizing milk, and the discomfort symptoms after photoelectric therapy are reduced by about 52% (sampling experimental data, specific effects vary from person to person). It plays a positive promoting role in maintaining the stability of skin condition.


The launch of Weiwen Milk has given dermatologists across the country a deeper choice in dealing with various stubborn skin barrier problems. It also gave long-awaited hope to the sisters who were plagued by problematic skin.

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