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Many girls are in a hurry to go out or don't like heavy makeup due to the hot and stuffy summer, so they only wear isolation cream. But does this still require makeup removal? Today we will talk about whether it is necessary to remove makeup when applying isolation cream.


Firstly, do you only apply isolation cream and still use makeup remover

Isolation cream is the first step in makeup, so there is also a step of removing makeup. To completely prevent damage to the skin, it is necessary to develop the habit of applying and removing makeup to avoid dark yellow, rough skin, and clogged pores. You can use a two in one makeup remover and cleanser, or you can directly use makeup removers containing vegetable oil ingredients. Do not use overly irritating makeup removers

Why does the isolation cream need to remove makeup

Isolation cream has a strong isolation function, which can isolate the damage of makeup to the skin, resist the invasion of dust on the skin, and also have sunscreen function. In addition, it can correct skin tone through various colors. Such a multifunctional isolation product forms a film on the surface of the skin to protect it from external invasion, but it itself tightly adheres to the skin

Isolation cream not only contains sunscreen, but also toner, which fits tightly with the skin. Using regular facial cleansers cannot remove the isolation cream. On the other hand, if an isolation cream can be easily washed away, its isolation effect cannot be as powerful. Facial cleansers can only remove dirt on the surface of the skin, while particles with isolation effects in the isolation cream cannot be washed away. The higher the sun protection factor, the more chemical components it contains. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it can pose a lot of harm


The hazards of not removing makeup

Blocking pores

Isolation cream has a sunscreen effect and contains chemical components such as titanium dioxide sunscreen. If the isolation cream is used for a long time without removing makeup, the chemical components will clog the pores, causing the skin pores to become thicker and larger, making it easier for external dust and bacteria to enter the pores, resulting in poorer skin quality

Thickening keratin

Long term use of the isolation cream will not remove the makeup, and the chemical components will accumulate on the skin surface, causing the skin Stratum corneum to thicken. If the Stratum corneum is too thick, it will not be able to absorb external moisture and nutrition, and the application of skin care products will also have no effect. Because the skin is dry and short of water, it will become increasingly rough, dark yellow, and lusterless

Skin problems occur

Long term use of isolation cream without removing makeup can block pores with chemical components, causing the skin to be unable to breathe normally. Toxins accumulate in the skin and cannot be excreted. As a result, the skin may experience a series of skin problems, such as dark yellow complexion, acne, and spots

What makeup removal product does the isolation cream require

Since the isolation cream needs to be removed, what kind of makeup removal product is more suitable? In fact, the harm of isolation cream is relatively small, and products with weaker makeup removal ability can be used, such as makeup remover or gel or lotion

Things like makeup remover and cream are exempt!!! Generally speaking, using makeup remover is more than enough. After unloading, remember to use facial cleanser to clean residual makeup water and other dirt, and do not forget the skincare steps after that

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