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In winter, the climate is dry, and the secretion of oil and water from the skin decreases. The skin enters the "dry season" and becomes dry, making people feel very uncomfortable. At this time, many girls often cannot use skincare products correctly in order to quickly alleviate skin discomfort, which can easily lead to skin care misunderstandings and worsen the skin. Below, Xiaoqing will take a look at four winter skincare misunderstandings.

Mistake 1: Neglecting sun protection

Winter weather is often gloomy, seemingly devoid of sunlight, but in reality, ultraviolet rays reach the dangerous limit. Many people tend to overlook sun protection on cloudy days when the sun is not visible. In fact, winter should pay more attention to sun protection than summer, because in winter, the ozone layer becomes thinner, and ultraviolet rays are more likely to penetrate the atmosphere and corrode the skin. In addition, the winter climate is dry, and the skin is prone to dehydration, making it more fragile than other seasons, Sunscreen work cannot be lacking.


Mistake 2: Excessive hydration

In the dry winter weather, many girls pay attention to moisturizing and keep their skin tender all the time. Many people even carry moisturizing spray with them to moisturize their skin at any time and anywhere. But in fact, this is not good for the skin, and it is easy to cause excessive moisturizing.


In daily life, there are indeed many skin problems caused by water deficiency. However, if you constantly replenish water, causing the amount of water to exceed the cell load, excessively swollen cells will lose tension and cause pore expansion, thereby damaging the skin.

Myth 3: Frequent exfoliation

The surface of the skin undergoes regular metabolism, and excessive accumulation of old and waste keratin can burden the skin. Therefore, removing old and waste keratin from the skin surface over a period of time can help the skin breathe again


In winter, many girls frequently exfoliate, believing that it is more beneficial for the skin to absorb moisture and accelerate metabolism, but in reality, this is not the case. The metabolism of the Stratum corneum also has a cycle. If the cuticle is removed too frequently, it will be difficult for the skin to form a new Stratum corneum in a short time. Without the protection of the Stratum corneum, the skin will lose water more easily and the skin will be drier. Moreover, without the protection of the Stratum corneum, the skin is prone to redness, itching and other problems, becoming extremely sensitive

Myth 4: Frequently washing your face with hot water

In winter, the temperature is low, and many people often wash their faces with hot water, which is very comfortable. However, in fact, washing their faces with hot water is not good for the skin. Because hot water can easily wash away the oil naturally secreted by the human body, destroy the natural protective layer of the face, cause water oil imbalance, affect the health of the Stratum corneum, make the skin become extremely dry, feel very tight and uncomfortable, and even easily cause wrinkles


How to Take Proper Skin Care in Winter

1. Choose suitable skincare products

Poor quality skincare products have toxic effects on the skin due to their impure texture or heavy lead content. Some skincare products contain allergenic spices that can cause allergies and even increase pigmentation after use. Causes damage to the skin

Especially in winter, when there is less sebum, the damage is even more severe. Therefore, it is important to choose skincare products that are suitable for winter, with the main focus on moisturizing and moisturizing. Do not apply too thick on the face, as it can easily cause acne by blocking the pores

2. Wearing should be gentle

Wearing clothes in winter is more common, and if not worn carefully, it is more likely to cause skin itching. This is due to the constant friction between the body and clothes, as well as between clothes, which generates static electricity and stimulates the skin. Therefore, in winter, it is advisable to choose clothing such as pure cotton and silk that is not prone to static electricity as underwear, underwear, shirts, etc


At the same time, pay attention to clothes matching. When wearing a polyester shirt, don't wear an acrylic sweater. If you wear Synthetic fiber clothes inside, you should not wear an insulating polyester coat outside to prevent static electricity

Skin exercise enhances the skin's adaptability to adapt to cold environments. You can take cold baths, air baths, sunbathing, etc., or insist on washing your face and body with cold water. To the extent that the body can accept it, do not backfire

3. Pay attention to food health and prevent dry skin

When the human body is lack of vitamin A, the skin will become dry, with scales, and even spinous papules. Therefore, it is advisable to eat more food rich in vitamin A in winter, such as pig liver, poultry eggs, Cod liver oil, etc

Also can often eat sesame (sesame oil), soybeans, peanuts and other food. Don't drink water just because you are thirsty. Drink water in moderation every day, drink honey water every day, wrap soup, and eat fruits with high vitamin C content

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