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Now more and more people have the habit of applying facial mask and eye patch, which one should be used first for facial mask and eye patch? Can we use it together? Below, the editor will explain to everyone.


You can use the eye patch first, or you can use the eye patch together with the facial mask. Eye patches are specially designed for eye skin. When skin care, you can apply eye patches to eye skin for nutrition, or apply facial mask after applying eye patches, so that eye skin can absorb both the nutrition of eye patches and the nutrition of facial mask.


Use order of facial mask and eye patch

The first step is to clean the face and wipe off the toner. First, use a suitable cleanser to clean the face, and then use the toner to wipe and pat the skin

After the second step of absorbing the toner, take an eye patch and apply it directly to the skin under your eyes. Apply for about 20-30 minutes, then remove and gently massage to promote absorption

The third step is to take out the facial mask and gently apply it on the whole face. After 10-15 minutes, take it off and rinse the face with clean water

Step 4 If the eye patch and facial mask are used together, after the eye patch is applied, directly take out the facial mask and apply it on the face, take it off for about 15-20 minutes and massage the skin

Step 5 Clean the face and wipe the lotion face cream after taking it off. The eye patch and facial mask can be used together to save time and bring more nutrition to the eye skin

Step 6 In the application process, if you feel that the facial mask or eye patch is fast drying, even if the time is not up, you should also take it off to prevent the facial mask from absorbing moisture from the skin

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