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With the development of science and technology, medical and aesthetic minimally invasive beauty has become a popular choice for beauty lovers. Among them, medical and aesthetic methods such as micro acupuncture, water optics, laser technology, Q switching, Mesoderm therapy are popular. But to become beautiful, relying solely on minimally invasive medical aesthetics is not enough. Because postoperative skin is fragile and sensitive, the repair and protection of postoperative skin is also an important part. If this step is not done properly, it will make the previous medical whitening process go unnoticed and easily lead to more skin problems. Therefore, skin protection after minimally invasive surgery should be treated with caution

For this reason, Ms. Xin Yan and the company's product research and development team, adhering to the principle of scientific skin care, have jointly developed a combination of minimally invasive post-operative repair products -ROQI medical wound liquid protective filmandphoton cold gel, so that the skin can be properly protected after minimally invasive surgery and help the skin recover its health. As soon as the product was launched, it received unanimous recognition from both new and old customers! Therefore, Teacher Xinyan participated in the promotional video shoot of this product, hoping to help more people care for their skin after minimally invasive surgery with peace of mind

(Left: photon cold gel Right: medical wound liquid protective film)

(Take Scene graph)

Regarding the question of how this combination of minimally invasive postoperative repair products works on skin protection, Teacher Xinyan is here to unravel the mystery for everyone

The medical wound liquid protective film belongs to the national Class II medical device, and its core component is chitosan. It can enhance the skin's immunity, promote the healing of skin wounds after minimally invasive surgery, and form a layer of antibacterial repair protective film on the surface of the skin

Photon cold gel belongs to medical grade sunscreen. Its core ingredients are gentian extract, purslane extract and nanometer titanium dioxide, which can effectively improve the skin's sensitive and uncomfortable state, such as dryness and itching. At the same time, it has excellent anti ultraviolet ability. After use, it can form a layer of sunscreen film on the skin surface to prevent skin sunburn

(Product Portfolio Diagram)

These two products are both spray type designs. The bottle is light and convenient to carry. They can bring safe care to the skin at any time and anywhere, and are suitable for the skin after the aforementioned medical beauty Minimally invasive procedure. To achieve the ideal skincare effect, it is important to master the correct usage method. Next is Teacher Xinyan's main moment - teaching you how to properly protect and care for your skin

(Usage video)
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