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With the improvement of living standards and material conditions, more and more people are paying attention to skin care. Today, there is an increasing variety of skincare products on the market, and many people lack the skills to mix and match, resulting in various skin problems.


Teacher Xinyan was initially exposed to skincare and was attracted by the attractive outer packaging and eye-catching cosmetics. She frequently changed products and did not master the correct skincare techniques, resulting in skin problems one after another. She tried many methods but failed to improve, causing a lot of trouble in her own life

Teacher Xinyan began to reflect: it is understandable to pay time and money to become beautiful. However, if it consumes physical and mental health, is such "beauty" still worth pursuing

By chance, Teacher Xinyan applied for a customer service position at Gaojin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (medical beauty industry). In my work, I received systematic training from the company and learned about various skin and product ingredients. This not only enriches one's knowledge, but also provides a more comprehensive understanding of one's skin problems. During a training class, Teacher Xinyan met a senior professor from the company's product research and development department, and was fortunate to receive careful guidance from the professor. After using the company's products in a reasonable combination for her own skin problems, her skin gradually improved


(Comparison chart of skin improvement)

Give people joy, and enjoy yourself. This also strengthens Teacher Xinyan's learning goal of becoming a professional skincare instructor, to help more people get rid of the troubles caused by skin problems and become a healthy and confident self

After 2 years of hard work, Teacher Xinyan was promoted from customer service to a gold medal skincare instructor at Gaojin; My career growth and professional skills have been unanimously recognized by the company, and I have been selected to pursue further studies at the strategic development partner of the company - the Swiss Institute of Dermatology at Utico, embarking on a three-year journey of further education


During her further studies, Teacher Xinyan deeply realized that the same product can have different effects when used by different people. What is the reason for this? Originally, everyone's skin is unique; In addition, the skin is not static, but changes every day. Skin care must vary from person to person, so the healthy skincare concept of customized skincare is the correct skincare approach

Before graduation, Teacher Xinyan successfully obtained the Senior Lecturer Qualification Certificate in Beauty Professional Knowledge and the Senior Formulator Qualification Certificate in Cosmetics

After returning to the company, Teacher Xinyan still focused on learning and researching skin science and product ingredients. After accumulating 3 years of professional knowledge and rich skincare experience, adhering to the research philosophy of "safety, quality, and clinical validation", she and her R&D team have created a skincare brand called NICUI, which targets six major skin management systems - including basic skincare, anti-aging, whitening, acne, sensitive skin, and pigmentation - to provide precise one-on-one solutions to skin problems for customers and friends, and customize exclusive care methods, Gain recognition and love from a large number of fans


Everyone has a love for beauty! But what is the only criterion for testing beauty

Teacher Xinyan said, "With the changes of times, the evaluation criteria for 'beauty' are constantly 'evolving'. Beauty is not decoration, but a return to its original form; Skincare is not just about pursuing beauty, being a healthy and confident self, you are the most beautiful

May those who love beauty in the world fulfill their wishes

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