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In the field of cosmetic dermatology, what we hear the most is: the problem caused by damaged skin barriers! What is a skin barrier? Is skin barrier really that important

What is a skin barrier

The skin barrier generally includes physical barrier, pigment barrier, neural barrier, and immune barrier. Narrowly defined, it mainly refers to the physical barrier, which we usually refer to. The skin barrier is in the epidermis, which is composed of Stratum corneum, sebum membrane and microbial membrane:


Skin barrier structure

What are the functions of the skin barrier

The skin barrier has many functions and is also very important, serving as the first line of protection for the skin. A normal and healthy skin barrier is like a complete wall coated with a protective film (sebum film): keratinocytes → bricks, intercellular lipids → cement:


There are many reasons for skin barrier damage, some are caused by natural environment, but in fact, more are caused by human factors! Because you may repeatedly fall into the misconception of skincare and not only fail to develop good skin quality, but also cause a huge burden on the skin in the long run, which is equivalent to chronic suicide of the skin.


Symptoms of skin barrier damage


Do girls always wonder why they spend so much time and money on beauty and skincare, but never benefit from it? Not only is their skin still dry, rough, and dark yellow, but it is also becoming increasingly sensitive and aging

Girls who have made the following mistakes, please take the appropriate seats first

Excessive cleaning and exfoliation

Damage index: ★★★★

Washing your face too frequently with soap based facial cleansers will not only damage the Stratum corneum of the skin, make the skin's water locking ability worse, and make the skin more dry, but will lead to serious oil problems, and may even lead to vascular rupture and long bleeding spots

Suggestion: Choose a mild and non irritating amino acid cleanser, and wash your face no more than twice a day to avoid excessive oil removal from the face

Recommendation: Roqi Amino Acid Cleanser


Main ingredients: sodium lauroyl glutamate, glycerol, plant amino acids, coconut oil amide MEA

Main efficacy: With sodium lauroyl glutamate, a type of glutamic acid, as the main surfactant, it is undoubtedly a true amino acid cleanser. It has natural ingredients and mild properties, and can be used with peace of mind for medical and artistic treatments, acne prone skin, and sensitive skin

Crazy application of facial mask

Damage index: ★★

Facial mask is a good friend of all women who love beauty. It not only has many curing effects, but also can achieve the purpose of first aid. However, the facial mask has a good effect and cannot be applied every day. Especially for oily and mixed skin, if you blindly and crazily replenish and moisturize without doing oil control work, it can actually cause facial skin to have "excessive nutrition", resulting in excessive hydration and explosive closed acne

Suggestion: Oily/mixed skin is not suitable for high hydration skincare products. At the same time, the use frequency of different facial mask has different effects. Generally, the moisturizing facial mask is used 3-4 times a week, and the cleaning facial mask is used once a week

Recommended: If you want to clear water and repair silk facial mask


Main ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, hydrolyzed silk, Glycyrrhizin dimethyl

Main efficacy: No additives, non irritating, pure natural plant extract ingredients, deeply moisturize the bottom layer of the skin, improve dryness and roughness, soothe and repair damaged skin, and make the skin hydrated and shiny

Change skincare products every day

Damage index: ★★★★★★

When sensitive skin symptoms such as redness, dryness, itching, and tingling appear, then in order to "prescribe the right medicine", change skincare products every day. Skincare products are not divine elixirs, and they do not have a significant effect on the face. If there is a significant effect on the face, it is important to be vigilant whether hormones or other inappropriate substances are added inside

Suggestion: Choose skincare products that contain ingredients that repair the skin barrier, which can simulate normal sebum on the skin and are crucial for repairing the skin barrier. When trying new skincare products, be sure to give them enough time to prove themselves

Recommended: Roqi Mixed Sensitive Muscle Repair Set


Main ingredients: purslane extract, hyaluronic acid, Nicotinamide, hexapeptide-5, Allantoin, hydrolyzed Elastin

Main efficacy: Integrating repair, moisturizing, and nourishment, improving rough, fine, and dry lines, soothing repair, reducing sensitivity, suitable for various skin types, especially for skin discomfort, sensitivity caused by various reasons, and post phototherapy beauty repair

Simply protect yourself from sun protection on a regular basis

Damage index: ★★★★

In the city, there is not only direct sunlight, but also ultraviolet rays diffuse to the skin from all directions through high-rise walls, paved roads, Car glass, etc. Not only sunlight, but also nine other common indoor light sources are harmful to the skin. Compared to the sun that can cause skin pain by the seaside, the "light" in the city is more likely to age you

Suggestion: Be sure to pay attention to sun protection. You need to apply sun protection products all year round. In autumn and winter, you can choose sun protection products with slightly lower SPF and PA, and in spring and summer, you can choose skincare products with slightly higher SPF and PA. Don't make excuses for laziness. Apply a layer of sunscreen to your skin when you go out, and add a layer of defense to your skin

Recommendation: if Roqi youzi Sunscreen+lightweight repair isolation cream


Main ingredients: Xanthan gum, Olive fruit oil, Allantoin

Main efficacy: A light, thin, and permeable moisturizing formula that combines sun protection, repair, isolation, and moisturizing. It feels smooth and skin friendly, with full comfort. The skin is not greasy, and SPF30 PA++strongly blocks the damage caused by UV, UVA, and UVB to the skin


Main ingredients: Squalane, vitamin E, jojoba seed oil

Main efficacy: Biological maintenance type isolation cream, providing external protection while providing internal maintenance. It can meet the skin needs of moisturizing, concealer, isolation, repair and so on at one time. No matter how long you take makeup, it will not hurt your skin gently

Use whitening facial mask immediately after sunburn

Damage index: ★★★★

After sunburn, the skin is very short of water. At this time, the barrier capacity of the skin decreases, and there are some inflammatory reactions. Therefore, when you apply the acid whitening facial mask on your face, you increase the chance of inducing sensitivity. Not only does it have little effect on moisturizing and whitening, but it also stimulates the skin and causes uneven skin tone

Suggestion: Do not apply the whitening facial mask immediately after sunburn. You should first use post sunburn repair or some products to relieve the temperature after sunburn, and then use the moisturizing facial mask to supplement the moisture of the skin after sunburn

Recommendation: Roqi Collagen Repair Water


Main ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen, Sodium hyaluronate, brown alga extract, Squalane

Main efficacy: Contain a variety of bioactive ingredients and moisturizing essence, deeply moisturize skin, alleviate skin dryness, repair skin damage, increase skin compactness and elasticity, and outperform ordinary collagen skin care products in terms of absorption efficiency and extensibility

Serious skincare is something that every beauty lover should do well, but it does not mean that any type of skincare method is beneficial for the skin. Some inappropriate skincare methods may even disfigure. The above incorrect skincare habits are hoped that women can correct them as soon as possible and restore healthy and good skin

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