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One white covering a hundred ugliness, one pimple destroying everything! When I see myself with acne, I dare not see anyone without makeup and concealer


Xiaoruo has also had acne for many years, and he has heard too many "rumors" about acne


You eat this thing too cold/too hot, which can easily cause acne

People with acne are always advised by various advice. Once, I talked to a friend about my recent love for beef, and they immediately told me that beef is too hot and I must have developed acne because of eating it


I believe in simplicity, and I have been abstaining from beef for six years, six years, six years......

Wash your face a few more times with facial oil, and you won't get acne.

Excessive facial washing can only disrupt the balance of skin oil secretion, causing damage to the skin, resulting in more oil production on the face and making it even more oily

Washing your face with toothpaste can help dispel acne

This meme is like this. Previously, a little sister told Xiao Ruo that toothpaste can dispel acne. I had a momentary brain heat and didn't even want to go home, so I started having it. As a result, I had acne! Acne! Evil! Hua! That's it


Although the mint ingredient in toothpaste temporarily alleviated my pain, it was precisely because of its fluoride content that stimulated my skin follicles and worsened my acne



In fact, we have acne because the skin's oil secretion is strong, accumulated in the pores, and the Stratum corneum thickens to block the pores


This can cause lumps to form white headed acne, and when encountering acne bacteria that become active, it can cause skin inflammation and form abscesses. Therefore, regardless of how expensive acne removal products are purchased or how many "acne removing formulas" are used, the problem of acne removal still needs to be identified and scientifically determined~


Many people have expressed that they have seen a method of "microneedle acne removal"


But the user's evaluation is either full of positive energy or full of negative energy, making it difficult to decide whether to try microneedle acne treatment at once


So today, Xiaoruo will do some homework for everyone. If you haven't been exposed to it yet but want to try it out, you can use it as a reference


There is a saying that one microneedle is equivalent to 4000 treatments, although there is a suspicion of exaggeration, it is enough to demonstrate the powerful charm of microneedles


The reason why microneedles are more powerful than traditional care is that the application method of traditional care can only allow the active ingredients to reach the barrier layer of the skin, and the actual absorption effect is only 0.1%~0.8%


And microneedles can pierce the skin epidermis, creating millions of tiny channels on the surface of the skin in a short period of time, directly delivering drugs to the skin substrate, which can increase the absorption rate to 88%~92%


Some little sisters may worry when they see this. Wouldn't sticking such a porous hole in their face cause great harm to their skin?, In fact, microneedles utilize the natural healing ability of the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen and fiber cells in the dermis while rolling needles, thereby achieving the effect of increasing skin elasticity


In addition, after micro wounds are caused on the skin, during the repair period, cells can be activated, promoting skin metabolism, stimulating the regeneration of a large amount of skin collagen, gradually removing deep toxins and garbage from the skin. After microneedle treatment, new cells can replace the original scar tissue, thereby achieving the goal of controlling oil, removing acne pits and marks, and improving skin quality


In fact, microneedles have gradually entered the era of collagen microneedle 3.0 to this day. Among them, developed by the NAQI product research and development center for Asian skin, The third generation collagen water microneedle of Roqi RuoChu series is highly recognized for its excellent acne removal and repair effects


From a simple perspective of acne removal, if the Qing Control Oil Cleansing and Repair Set group uses oligopeptides, salicylic acid, and other core raw materials, and adds patented ingredients such as recombinant human collagen, it can achieve faster effectiveness, repair wounds at the same time, and prevent recurrence of acne removal areas. Compared to the first and second generation microneedles, it has obvious advantages.


* Advantages of recombinant human collagen protein *

Roqi Control Oil Cleansing and Acne Repair Set 5件/套

① Oil control and acne cleaning lyophilized powder 100mg, oil control and acne cleaning solution 5ml, oil control and acne cleaning essence 2.5ml

Main components:Soluble collagen, oligopeptide-1, salicylic acid, white willow bark, 4-terpene alcohol, yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, North American witch hazel;

Major role:Oligopeptide-1 Soluble collagen, salicylic acid, and other bioactive ingredients promote cell metabolism. Yeast fermentation can enhance keratin metabolism and accelerate the decomposition and excretion of toxins. Combined with Sodium hyaluronate, it can effectively regulate the water oil balance of the skin, and inhibit the generation of acne.


② Soothing repair spray 10ml

Main components:Oligopeptide-1, Sodium hyaluronate, polydextrose;

Major role:Quickly replenish water after surgery to further consolidate the acne removal and repair effect, and shorten the postoperative repair cycle.


③ Acne removing and repairing gel 15g

Main components:Salicylic acid, white willow bark extract, 4-terpene alcohol;

Major role:Cleansing, balancing, cleansing, soothing, directly targeting acne inducing factors, balancing the skin microenvironment, removing and purifying acne, repairing the adverse skin conditions caused by acne, and enhancing skin's anti acne ability

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