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International skin Cell physiology research points out that sensitive skin is due to the damage of skin cells, which reduces the skin immunity. If these damaged cells are not repaired in time, they will continue to split out skin cells with poor immunity and incomplete secretion of sebum membrane, resulting in various problems of sensitive skin, such as pigmentation, redness, large pores, acne, and color spots caused by long-term skin allergy, Aging wrinkles.


Pathological analysis of sensitive skin

Healthy skin has a natural skincare film - sebum film. Under normal circumstances, it contains 5% -7% oil, 20% -30% water, and is weakly acidic. The sebum film can help the skin store moisture, maintain its natural moisturizing power and barrier function, and resist external stimuli and injuries. If the sebum membrane is damaged, the skin's barrier function will be weakened, which can cause redness, swelling, local redness, and exacerbate the skin's sensitivity


According to a survey, sensitive skin groups account for 30% to 40% of the total population, which is also a focus of attention for dermatologists

Strictly speaking, sensitive skin is not a disease, but a Suboptimal health state of skin. When the skin is stimulated by the outside world, it is easy to have erythema, papules, especially Telangiectasia and other objective symptoms. At the same time, the patient feels tingling and burning, and cannot tolerate ordinary cosmetics


1. The main causes and potential groups of sensitive skin

Due to genetic factors, some people have a thinner epidermis, and because the epidermis lacks blood vessels, the dermal blood vessels are exposed. Under external stimuli such as heat, sunlight and air pollution, Telangiectasia is serious, and the abuse of cosmetics will induce sensitive skin. In addition to those affected by genetic factors, those who do not pay attention to sun protection, excessively receive sunlight, abuse cosmetics, and do not receive proper skincare after beauty treatment are all potential high-risk groups for sensitive skin


2. The pathogenesis of sensitive skin

Under the influence of various reasons, whether it is medication, allergen, or genetic, the first and foremost impact is the damage to the skin barrier function. The meaning of a barrier: it resists external sunlight, microbial anti-inflammatory substances, and locks in water internally, making the skin less prone to dryness

After the barrier is damaged, external stimuli can easily cause skin redness, and the loss of water retention ability can lead to dryness and desquamation. The blood vessels in the superficial layer of the dermis will expand, resulting in high reactivity of blood vessels and nerves. When these people become nervous, blood vessels will expand, leading to erythema and papules. In addition, the transmission of nerve signals can form some inflammatory reactions


3. Treatment points for sensitive skin

To restore the skin barrier, it is recommended to use medical skincare products, as general skincare products can easily cause adverse reactions to cosmetics, the most common being spices, pigments, and preservatives. The definition of medical skincare products is that they do not contain these stimulating or allergenic ingredients, and have efficacy, can be anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing

Roqi Soothing Repair Set

The Ruoqing Soothing Repair Set contains unique active ingredients that promote keratin regeneration, rebuild the skin's natural barrier, effectively soothe sensitivity, and improve skin quality. Five Ceramide ingredients work together to repair the natural sebum film of the skin, enhance the protection of the skin surface, form a complete protective film, and reduce water evaporation and nutrient loss; Recombinant human collagen and blue copper peptide repair sensitive skin, solving sensitive skin problems such as tightness, stinging, burning, itching, molting, and fragility from the inside out


The set includes (6 pieces/set)

① Relaxing and repairing freeze-dried powder 100mg, soothing and repairing essence solution 5ml, Hyaluronic acid stock solution 2.5ml

Main ingredients: soluble collagen, tripeptide-1 copper, Mannose, Sodium hyaluronate

Main function: soluble collagen; Copper peptides double repair the skin from the inside out, promote skin regeneration, gradually repel skin fragility, instability, dryness, roughness and other phenomena, and restart the stable state of the skin

② Relaxing and repairing moisturizing freeze-dried powder 150mg, soothing and repairing moisturizing essence 10ml

Main ingredients: soluble collagen, oligopeptide-1, tripeptide-1 copper β Glucan, Spirulina maxima

Main function: First aid repair for damaged, postoperative, moderate to severe sensitive skin, quickly alleviate skin sensitivity symptoms, repair damaged skin, and maintain muscle stability


③ Soothing and Moisturizing Repair Milk 15g

Main ingredients: jojoba seed extract, butanediol, bisabolol, Ceramide 1, Ceramide 2, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 4, Ceramide 6, hydroxyphenyl propionamide benzoic acid

Main function: Repair the natural sebum film of the skin, enhance the protective power of the skin surface, form a complete protective film, reduce water evaporation and nutrient loss; Reduce the invasion of adverse substances on the skin and improve skin tolerance

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