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Mites are a type of insect that lives around us. These small insects are so small that we cannot see them with our human eyes. On the face, it is more prone to mite allergy. If there are more mites, the skin will develop acne, redness, swelling, itching, and other conditions. Oil secretion will also increase, and pores will become thick. How can we effectively remove mites? Next, let's talk about this issue with everyone.


What changes will occur when mites invade the face

1、Rough and dull skin


When mites invade the face, the most common change is a change in facial color. A healthy complexion is white to red, and after being invaded by mites, there will be a phenomenon of dull skin tone. As the number of mites increases, the complexion will become darker and even appear black. This is mainly because mites will continuously nibble on skin cells and absorb nutrients from the subcutaneous area, resulting in a dark forehead on the skin. At the same time, the skin will become drier and rougher

2、Strawberry nose appears


Strawberry nose is a nose covered with black heads, which is closely related to the strong secretion of oil. People who often have oily skin are prone to black heads. The excessive secretion of oil is not an accidental phenomenon, but rather a mischievous phenomenon caused by facial mites. When mites appear on the face, they stimulate the secretion of oil and clog the pores. Over time, they become oxidized and form blackheads. Especially for some people, after removing their black heads, they may grow black heads in a short period of time, which indicates that your face is piled up with mites

3、Stubborn acne


Acnes often appear in various parts of the face, especially on the cheeks. Acnes appear repeatedly and are difficult to eliminate, possibly due to the accumulation of mites on the face. Mites constantly nibble and excrete on the face, stimulating the skin and causing inflammation, which can stimulate the growth of acne. If mites are not removed thoroughly for a day, acne will recur, and skin redness and itching will occur, seriously affecting skin health. For this type of acne, removing mites is the key. Once the mites are removed thoroughly, the acne will gradually improve

How to effectively remove mites

1、Pay attention to the way you wash your face


After washing your face with warm water, squeeze the facial cleanser into your palm, rub it to foam, and then apply it to your face. Gently massage your face in circles with your fingertips from bottom to top to remove dirt from your skin; After one minute, rinse thoroughly with clean water and gently press with a facial towel to absorb any moisture from the face

2. Paired with anti mite products for skincare

When daily skincare, choose mild moisturizing and moisturizing products, and use them in conjunction with anti mite products to achieve better anti mite effects. Choose products produced by legitimate manufacturers to avoid damaging the skin with inferior products

3. Regularly change and wash bedding


When we sleep, we can get dirt from our bodies onto the bed, so we should pay attention to changing and washing the bedding. We should try to change and wash it once a week, and when washing, use 50 degrees hot water to clean it; The fabric inside the bedroom is simpler, making it easier to clean dust

4. Keep the environment clean

If the living environment is not clean, it is easy to breed more mites. Therefore, it is important to clean regularly, maintain indoor air circulation, and avoid windows being closed tightly; Household goods such as cups and clothes can be regularly basked in the sun to effectively remove mites

If you have mites, girls who like to make up should try their best to keep their makeup light and their foundation light. Even if you remove your makeup and clean your skin after returning home, this can effectively reduce the breeding of mites

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