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Every day when I get up, I see myself in the mirror, with mottling, Periorbital dark circles, pockmarks, and dullness on my face My heart is completely shattered.

(Today I despise myself more than yesterday the day before yesterday)


The core factor that affects skin color - melanin, which is the pain point of pursuing a high gloss fairy for a lifetime!


What is more painful is that melanin is generated by Chromatophore, and melanin Chromatophore originally exist in the basal layer of our epidermis

Why are some people born white and others born black


The content of melanin granules in Chromatophore is different, but not the number of Chromatophore


The activity of Chromatophore, which includes the ability to produce melanin, the size of melanin, the distribution area and decomposition speed of melanin


People with dark skin have relatively active melanin, with large and numerous melanin particles scattered throughout various cells of the epidermis

According to the three stages of melanin formation, transport and metabolism, they are scattered in the basal layer, epidermis and Stratum corneum, and are not easy to disappear. On the contrary, people with whiter skin have smaller and fewer melanin particles that are easily eliminated, which is the reason for skin color differences


Acquired factors also play an important role in influencing skin blackness and white. When melanocytes are affected by strong ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, endocrine disorders, laser blackening, and low-quality cosmetics, they will transmit melanin to the epidermis through various branches, and then lead to darker skin color


So, skin color differences can be attributed to both innate and acquired factors

Since we cannot change the content of innate melanin particles, we need to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase to hinder the process of melanin production, that is, to prevent melanin production at all


So the question arises, why have you used many products that can whiten and lighten spots, but the results are still not satisfactory?


Because of your whitening work, only one-third has been completed. Persistent exposure to non formed melanin, while insufficient attention is given to melanin that already exists at different levels of the skin.


However, the formed melanin is the elusive "Shit stirring Stick". If you want to block its transport to the epidermis, you should accelerate its metabolism to the Stratum corneum and let it peel off with the metabolism of the Stratum corneum

In this way, melanin can be interfered with from three dimensions: inhibition of formation, blockade of transport, and metabolic peeling, thereby achieving the effect of lightening and brightening the spots

Why can't someone else's spots/pimples disappear when they say they don't have them, while yours can't get rid of them


Fool~That's because they've already used this spot lightening and black dispelling artifact

Roqi·Yaobai Small Brown Bottle

Roqi·yaobai small brown bottle,filing Name: Liquid Dressing (Brightening and Repairing Set Group) 3ml * 5 pieces/box, machine name, located in the middle layer therapy for revitalizing and brightening, lightening spots, removing yellow and black.


Focusing on the whitening concept of equation 731 (7 whitening ingredients, three-stage anti blackness, and one highly effective osmotic absorption technology), the multidisciplinary technology of water microneedle improves the skin physiotherapy system as academic support, and the top domestic Aesthetic medicine hospitals provide clinical support. The seven active bright white ingredients have good biocompatibility, and through the encapsulation and permeation technology of micro lipid capsules, the absorption of the ingredients is more complete.


Roqi yaobai small Brown bottle lso known as "liquid laser" (painless spot lightening), "anti black hunter", "Periorbital dark circles Eraser", it inhibits melanin production from the source. Reversing the formation of melanin and accelerating melanin metabolism has a dual effect on removing melanin, effectively reducing spots and melanin.


*7 types of whitening ingredients are benign and soluble, with a high gloss concentration*

Seven brightening ingredients are gathered in high gloss, combined with strong and powerful ingredients, breaking through the traditional bottleneck of melatonin and effectively improving different types of pigment problems


Stage 3 fading. Snipe melanin from the three stages of formation, transfer, and metabolism, making melanin scattered on different layers of the skin invisible.


* Microlipid encapsulated osmotic absorption technology *

An efficient vertical permeation absorption technology - micro lipid capsule encapsulation permeation absorption technology

Using special liposomes to encapsulate various active ingredient particles, nanomolecules (which are 1000 times smaller than traditional skincare products) efficiently penetrate directly into the basal layer and dermis of the skin, making the skin instantly moisturized, plump, translucent, and full of vitality

1. The top-notch technology in penetration technology perfectly solves the problem of whitening ingredient penetration and absorption

2. Penetrate the epidermis, dermis and Subcutaneous tissue in stages within 3-5 seconds

3. Maximize skin nutrition and reduce skin problems caused by nutrient loss

4. Water and oil bidirectional affinity permeation dissolution, maximizing the whitening and repairing power of the seven major components

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